Dag 19 Ruaha NP tot Mikupi Tanzania

Kry ons eerste speed fine opad Mikupi Tanzania toe. Die hele Tanzam hoofpad is dorpie op dorpie,omtrent 5 km uitmekaar met ten minste 5 speedcops per dorpie met sulke handradars wat hule links en regs rondswaai soos ‘n wafferse John Wayne, Jy kan hulle nie ontduik nie, een of ander tyd vang hulle jou. Die lorriedrywers is maniake, hul gaan op enige bult en draai verby en almal moet maar plek maak, Dieselde in die stede, die tuk tuks, busse ,karre maak net wat hul wil, sommer regsom om n sirkel. Maar almal het geduld en maak plek vir mekaar. Dis nogal lekker om so sonder reels te ry, ons begin ook al so raak.Kan nie wag om hierdie styl toe te pas in die Kaap nie.

We got our first speed-fine on the way to Mikumi, Tanzania. The whole Tanzam Highway is village upon village, about 5km apart with at least five traffic officials on any such particular 5km-stretch of road. They are armed with hand-held radars which they wave around from side to side like John Wayne. You cannot escape them; they will catch you at some stage.

Truck drivers are maniacs. They pass other traffic against any hill, and around any bend and everyone must get out of the way. It is the same in the cities: the tuk-tuks, busses and cars do what they want and pass around a circle by going right, but everyone seems to have patience with everyone else.

It has its own charm to drive without rules, we are also picking up that attitude to driving; I cannot wait to apply my newly acquired techniques in Cape Town.


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