Dag 23 Zanzibar

Gaan snorkel op die riwwe saam met locals in hul klein bootjie net van die Zanzibar kus af- tropiese visse, sig wat enige scuba duiker begeer, vrouens kry n beach massage. Hang heeldag rond, swem en weer kaalvoet dinner op die strand met kerslig – romanties, maar die manne moet darem waarde vir hul geld kry.

Some of the locals take us in a small boat to go snorkling on the reefs just off the Zanzibar coast. The tropical fish is a sight to behold for any scuba diver. The women get a beach massage. We hang around, swim and enjoy another barefoot supper by candle-light on the beach.

It is pure romance, but a man must get value for his money.


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