Dag 75 Hurghada na Cairo

Ry al langs die Rooi see en Suez kanaal. Moses se Sinai berge le aan die oorkant in die verte. Hulle verkoop die wondelikste vars vis en garnale langs die pad. Hulle bou hotelle vir kilometers langs die see en verniel die woestyn. Iemand het te veel geld, mens kan nie glo wat jy sien nie. Lee geboue en nuwe ontwikkelings wat leeg staan- Dis jammer om so ‘n gemors te sien.

Ons ry deur Cairo na Alexandria. As jy in Cairo kan bestuur, kan jy enige plek in die wereld ry – dis mal, almal toet en ry soos hulle wil.

We drive next to the Red Sea and the Suez Canal. Moses Mount Sinai lies in the distance on the opposite bank. They sell the most amazing fresh fish and prawns on the side of the road.
They are building hotels for miles next to the sea and destroy the desert. Somebody has too much money; it is difficult to comprehend what you see: Empty buildings and unutilized new developments standing vacant.
It breaks your heart to see such a waste.
We drive through Cairo to Alexandria. If you can drive in Cairo, then you are able to drive anywhere in the world. It is insane, everybody hoots and drive as they want to.

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